Surreal Scandal

A Butler professor was fired yesterday on the accusation of rape. (See story here.) I didn't know the guy nor have I ever had class with him, but I did know who he was by face. I'm not surprised because my impression from him was, "ooh creep," but equally freaky is that he lives right behind me. Our kitchen windows open onto the same courtyard and I have seen him at his kitchen sink. I was joking with Shannon last night that we could take pictures of our view and sell them on the web. Not really.

I've been thinking about this all day and it really saddens me. How desperate must a man be to stoop so low to gain a woman? I've been really disturbed by how easy it might be to be put into that same situation. By all appearances, Mr. Filice would have seemed to be a perfectly good guy, with an education, career, position, etc. How easy it might be to not suspect such a guy yet how quickly a girl could become a victim. I found it very strange to sit at my kitchen table and think that once there was a girl across the yard who was in trouble and no one could help. Sometimes its hard to imagine that rapes happen, especially in a professional environment. Needless to say, it hit close to home, literally.

I'm not usually an immediately trusting person; it takes me awhile to warm up to someone. It's not a trademark of which I'm often proud, but sometimes I feel it has been God's protection layer. I often get attention from lesser men and not being a flirtatious person, it never really bothers me because I know how to ignore it. I guess just not all ambitions are as obvious.
In other news... the Friday morning breakfast club resumed its activities today, but apparently the early bird doesn't always get the worm. A 7:00 meeting time was established but the restaurant of choice didn't open until 7:30. Neither did Plan B. Plan C ended up being Qdoba's breakfast burritos without coffee. The company was fantastic but the food left much to be desired. Note to self: Qdoba's is best at lunch.



So I haven't kept up that resolve to update more often. In my defense, internet access is much more convenient when I'm at home. The cord plugs in and bam, you're online. At the apartment, however, it's a different story. Since I don't exactly have the right to access unsecured wireless networks (even though my computer friends say it's perfectly legal), the hotspots are far away and the signal is very weak. So weak that my wireless card refuses to accept it and goes completely bezerk. Very perturbing, let me assure you. I have officialy given up on my wireless card and its senile approach to the internet, so my online time is restricted to BU computer labs. Hence, my low levels of blogging activity.
School has begun once again. One semster down, three more to go. Over Christmas break, "they" decided to completely reschedule the graduate classes. We're not talking little changes. We're talking changing days and big time differences. Not a good thing to find out the first day of classes after you had already schedule private students, etc. according to plan A. After much headache, it's on its way toward resolution, and fortunately that means dropping a class. Yes, Tonal Analysis was replaced with an undetermined independent study. I'm happier about that because I definitely have a better chance of succeeding in a class where I decide what to study, rather than a class that was fated to be completely over my head. Really... the theory of theory? Who cares.
Life at the apartment. Clogged bathtub? Check. Leak to downstairs neighbor? Check. An annoyed Shannon? Check. But the good news is that I've finally convinced my roommates of the psychological and social benefits of decorating the living room. Translation: Better furniture arrangement, colors, pictures, etc. means better conversation, more parties... and no more ugly means no more sad Shannon.
Other randomness: 1) I stole this from Amy's blog, because it's the cutest picture of Daddy and girl. Just had to share it. 2) If anyone knows how to add links to blogger, send me the tips because I haven't been able to figure it out.


One of my very own!!!

I am now the proud owner of an instrument - all mine! I'm so excited!!! I finally decided to buy a Clavinova. It's no Steinway, but it is much nicer than I was expecting to buy. It has a nice touch, which can be controlled digitally as well as the brightness. It responded very well to dynamics and it has all three pedals. I'm just tickled pink! Yeah I get it on Monday!

Back again

I was on campus this week for the first time since Christmas. I must admit it depressed me. I'm going to need something extra to keep me going this semester. Something other than coffee. I'm looking through my schedule and my half-hour slots keep filling up. Already. I think I need a secretary. I hate phone calls and doing the scheduling thing. But I do have good things to look forward too, like Friday nights free rather than working. Ministry opportunities off-campus. Still. I'd rather be getting ready to go back to Switzerland. Oh how that would be grand. Right now, I'd be reading on the couch, by the window overlooking the lake and the Alps. Andree would be fixing her fabulous tea and we'd be drinking pots of it, spending long hours in discussion. Someday...


Life is in the details

I made my mom watch The Bachelor tonight. She fought with all her might, but then as she listened she realized it was very useful for a good laugh. She succombed to the pressure and dare I say she might have enjoyed herself? :) I hate these shows - waste of air time, but yet I enjoy them for purely selfish reasons: They give me an ego boost. After watching 25 vain girls flit around I feel so much better about myself. I feel more confident in my femininity and intelligence. Maybe shrinks should start using them for low self-esteem therapy.
Half Price Books is one of my small pleasures in life. You never know what you might find. One day it might be a fabulous cookbook you've been waiting for or, like today, it might be something completely not on your list, but you just couldn't resist. I went in looking for some Schaeffer but came away with: C.S. Lewis's Miracles, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (because it was $1), and Stepmom. Apparently no one was getting rid of Schaeffer today... but the joy is, there's always next time!


A Must Hear

Nolita by Keren Ann

I first stumbled on Keren Ann while shopping for CDs at FNAC in Nantes. Since then she has moved across the lake to New York and now her American release is available in stores like Borders. Fortunate for us! Why I didn't pick the CD up sooner I don't know, since I'm a huge fan of La Disparation, her earlier album.

This girl has something to say and her style in saying it has much improved and matured - really fascinating work. While La Disparation is the intersection of French folk ballad and techno/discotheque, Nolita has adapted to the new US environment. The new music has cooled down quite a lot and has taken on an American twist - like the harmonica and more mellow instrumentation and rhythms. Also new and different is the narrator with Keren's accompaniment in "Song of Alice." Elements of her former self can still be heard in the French tracks, but the American influence is evident - like the Miles-ish trumpeting in "L'Onde Amère."

This album is one of the most creative things I've encountered.



A Must See

Memoirs of a Geisha

It was truly a beautiful film. The use of color and light, fabrics and textures, lens angle, etc. C'est superb. But, I have to say for the record that the music did beat all. The typical gushing John Williams melodies with Eastern instruments and tonalities, percussion, etc were fantastic but the prize goes to the solos by Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman. Oh heaven help me.

Some reviews I've read criticize the film's lack of authenticity and accuracy and the culture wars ensuing over the Chinese actress playing a Japanese role, but don't let that deter you from seeing it. Luckily, I haven't read the book and really had no idea what a Geisha involved, so I watched it without preconceived notions or expectations.

I could go on about the many levels of interpretation this film presented, but I'll spare you my opinion. It did remind me of several books I read in French literature classes which defined the seperate class of women - the social inbetweens, although the Geisha is a class of it's own. I learned a lot from the film and am interested to learn more. I don't think a feminist would be too keen on the Geisha tradition, but then I guess that's the whole point.

Go see it. Just make sure you are old enough, as there are sexual elements in it.

I went to see Memoirs again for the second time yesterday. Still just as powerful and moving. I really appreciate films (and books) that force you to look at humanity with open eyes, even if it hurts. I love this film because it puts me in a position to evaluate what I would have done, had I been that girl. We Christians can put on all the hats of moral righteousness we want, but when it we come face to face with an issue like prostitution, how different are we really? I don't think I am.




I need to loosen up. Take life less seriously. Problem: I don't know how and I have low patience/tolerence level of stupidity which often prevents any loosening. I don't flirt well, actually I think I have an incurable inability to flirt period. I'm told I'm cold and calloused and that I scare men away because I'm intimidating. I think to myself, "I should try to change that..."

And then something like today happens and my resolve dissipates.

A customer comes in today who is good-looking, attractive, tall, etc., and so I gladly help him pick out some cookware. After a few minutes of conversation (and attempted flirting on his part) he asks, "Did you have a rough night last night, cuz you look a little hung-over." What! I'm shocked. I know he's trying to be cute, flirtatious and very strangely hitting on me, but not even an intoxicated girl wants to be told she looks terrible. Even if it's said by a guy trying desperately to flirt with you. "I don't get hung-over," I say and walk away. Seriously...