A Memorable Memorial Day

Today was a great day. It started off not so good when I woke up at 9:15, and didn't realize that the car was leaving at 9:30. We met up with the rest of the Spiehler family at Brown County for a picnic lunch and sporty afternoon. We had a fabulous time, laughing at stupid things... like normal.

The cousin croquet competition was highly amusing. Especially when Emily goes, "I can't believe I've never played this game. It is very entertaining!" I really stink at croquet by the way. (And sorry, Aaron for hitting your foot with the croquet mallet. That wasn't supposed to happen.)

Hiking through the mud around Ogle Lake and treking over fallen trees (from last night's storm) was also entertaining. And when Brandon screamed on the top of his lungs, "Yeah! I found a snake!!!" I turned to Megan and said "And THIS is why we never saw alligators in Florida!"

A pleasureable end was fitting. We shopped at the Edinburgh outlets for a short while. Just long enough for me to find some great linen capris and fabulous red shoes. :) Then Dad, Mom, Meg, Me, Matt, Wade and Emily dined on pasta and tiramisu. Yum!

But, inspite of all the wonderful things that happened today, the real entertainment centered on the cicadas (and snake). This is how the day really went:

Someone: Can you believe that noise?

Colin: creeping up on Aaron with a cicada.
Aaron: Don't touch me with that thing. Get it off me! GET IT OFF ME!!!!!!!!

Someone: Did you know they'll all be gone by the end of this weekend?

Uncle Mike put a cicada down Brandon's shirt.
The girls, watching from a distance: Why do all the guys keep going up and putting their ear to Brandon's back?

Someone: AHHHHHHH! A cicada jumped on me!

Boy poking girl with cicada: BOO!

Someone: I really wish those things would shut up.

Aaron: I'm gonna kill it. I'm gonna kill all of them.

Wade: tossing a cicada on Megan.
Megan: *jump* AHHHHHHHHH!


Aaron, while hiking pokes Aunt Kathy with a stick.
Aaron: MOM! IT's A SNAKE!!!
Aunt Kathy: A Snake? AHHHHHHHHH!
All: HA HA HA!
Aunt Kathy: Oh my heart.

*sigh* I love my crazy family.



Not a happy day in the life of a blond. Listen, and then laugh.

Thanks to Amy for that one.


Please Help ME!

Someone please pound me over the head with a brickload of sanity!!! I have fallen madly for a celebrity -- something I NEVER do. Oh my. He is absolutely gorgeous. And I found out that he is French too. Ooh La La! See him here and here. And here.

Piano Crazy.

Me: What is this song telling you?
Luke: Uhhhh...
Me: C'mon. What dramatic story can you think of?
Luke: Uhh... someone died?
Me: You've got to be kidding me. That's the best you can do?

You can get Luke's HILARIOUS version of the discourse here.


With bells on their toes...

Ahhh...what a flurry of a weekend. Another friend is married. So strange. I still can't believe that out of a graduating class of 7, 3 will be married after only four years. Sarah was so beautiful and so happy - the perfect bride. And she was perfectly calm all morning long.

Other comments on the wedding weekend...

Those cute little gray shoes were horribly uncomfortable! Did anyone notice the bridesmaid flipflop to flipflops as soon as the reception got started?

My face is still sore from smiling for pictures. (ok not really)

Stephen has... interesting friends. Even James thinks so.

PHC students aren't as bad as I always thought. Actually, they're pretty cool.

Getting to the church at 9:00 am doesn't insure an ontime updo. Thanks for rescuing me, Becca. Heaven knows how I would have ever gotten ready in time. It was a moment of makeup madness.



Gee it HAS been a while

The layout of the posting process has been changed since the last update. The blogger regrets not keeping up with these things, and has yet to decide whether or not she deems the change positive. And as the people know, she is always opinionated about such matters.
For the very first time in history, this blogger is posting from her own desk, surrounded by her green walls, photos, and less paperwork than there was last week. Upon what does she type, the people ask? Her very own laptop, is the reply. *sigh* She is so spoiled.
It has arisen to the attention of the blogger that the people have been inquiring to her whearabouts. She'd like to tell you about her absence from the blogosphere, but that requires higher clearance than you've been given. What you can know is that she's been working undercover, and travels every evening, sometimes very late into the night, to scary places to do important government work. It's been an exhausting week with all this spy business, you should let her get some rest. Jet lag is never a trip to the circus.
A new discovery has been made by the blogger, but she requests surveillance of her plastic card because of it. The discovery? Half Price Books. Great deals can be found there. Blogger highly recommends the 1/2 off cover price of paperback literature. To Kill A Mocking Bird is on the people's must read list. A Pavarotti cd is also a recent acquisition. Reviews of Crime and Punishment and Age of Innocence are forthcoming.


Who's gonna be in Jordan Jazz next year?