today's thoughts

Not much to say.
Veritas went really well. Took home some thoughts to ponder and made some new connections.
Shepherd kids were cute, as always. Little first grade Karla got the overacheiver award. Then there was Cheryl who's memorizing the Declaration of Independence. Definitely the most active recitation I've ever heard.
I got stopped by two trains today. As they say... only in Indiana...
I have a headache. So au revoir till tomorrow.


My bud, David Pulliam, who's a sophomore(?) in highschool makes a pretty interesting comment on evolution. I admit, it's not very scientific, but then, he does have a point!
I wish Evolution was true. (not really.) Then we could just type anything on the computer and eventually we would get a cool sentence. la;sdjfasld;fsldkgjlgjsljlsjdfnvosdfjfjepdkrodsjv,ckfjasdfgqewrtqowepuoifjewofjsdlfjolrenkfjfld;skmjlkdsfjlsdkfjsdlkfmnjdsfljgsdlkfjdsflsjdflsdkfjlfjsdlkfjmslfksjdflksdfjsdlfjslk;fjsflsdjfmlskdfjs'dlfjas'dlfjorowiqeroutoilfnkapirjfkmewa;lfkjl;kajwefdsoijkmlfedcpokjmlecdpijmklefwk'dafpewjfikm;l

Bummer it doesn't work.
Posted by: David / 4:23 PM

Family Funnies from Lunch

Colin: Jimmy has lots of energy
Colin: Like a bouncy Irish Setter
Mom: You don't know any Irish Setters
Megan: An Irish Setter is a dog
Megan: All dogs are worthless
Me: Are you calling Jimmy worthless?
Megan: I don't like my nose
Mom: What! I wish I had your nose
Me: Well, none of us got Dad's nose
Mom: Dad's nose is pretty perfect
Dad: Well, it doesn't work
Megan: Maybe you should get a nose job like Emily. She got a lot more breathing room from it.
Me: Whatever, she didn't need it really.
Me: Now, if you had an obvious medical condition like Dad....
All: [much laughter, aka 'gauffaws']


Yeah for homeschooling!

Homegrown success - The Washington Times: Culture, etc.

The memory of sharing a kiss lasts for but a moment,
The memory of sharing your heart lasts for a lifetime.


Kudos to Lugar and Bayh:

U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home > Votes > Roll Call Vote

(yes I know... I delay in reading the news. I simply don't have time to keep up. Notice the lack of current blogging?)
If you think partial-abortion's OK, spend some time researching the birthing process/labor. What more I learned of it this semester left me amazed by it's profound simplicity. You simply can't abort mid-way because there is no mid-way.


the conscience

I was going to blog something really funny my parents said at dinner last night but my sister advised me not to.


Today was random. Conversations, lunches, laughs... it was all randomness.
Music History sucks. And yes, that is for the record!
Humilating moment of the week: I'm coming back from Shepherd Community today, located at State and Washington downtown Indy. I'm hungry, so I get off 65 at Meridian to run past some fast food along the way back to BU. What do I do? I get the shock of my life! What am I doing in my frazzled, left-field state of mind? I'M GOING NORTH ON PENNSYLVANIA!!! YOU DON'T GO NORTH ON PENNSYLVANIA!!!
I have to do a reflection journal for child development class. In preparation, I read my birthday gift from my mom. She keeps a diary for us from age zero to 21 and then gives it to us on our 21st birthday. It made me cry. I don't think I can do this journal thing.

The real update

That about sums it up.

Friday: Day of Restitution. Colin and I went shopping in the afternoon. Much mending to the wounds of the day before.

Thursday: the disaster birthday. Ok not really a disaster, but stressed at least, to the ultimate stress level. Let's just say the day ended in tears.

Sunday - Thursday: Uneventful, stressed out school stuff.

Saturday, Oct 4: came home at 5:30pm to a house full of unexpected guests. SURPRISE! Yes, a surprise 21st birthday party for me. My family is wonderful I must say. Thanks to all who came and made it such a great memory. I appreciate all of your being there, you are such wonderful and dear friends.

Time goes on

Poor online journal,

You have been so brutally neglect this week, please forgive me. But so much has passed this since we last met, you and me, keyboard and fingertips. I cannot even begin to retell every detail of this week. They are too numerous. Please accept my sincere apologies and be satisfied with a pathetic so called "update." Alas, you can do no other, since you are just an online journal.

Woefully yours,
Shannon Kathleen



I'm only blogging here to update it. But I don't have time to update this blog right now. You should see my to do list! So, more will follow later.


All about me


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A 5 star review!

CJKoons03: and once again . . .
CJKoons03: Shannon Koons makes blogging look so easy
CJKoons03: A review by the Colin Times:
CJKoons03: "stunning"
CJKoons03: "the summer's most amusing"
CJKoons03: "entertainment for the whole family"
CJKoons03: you should hear what the Kevin Herald said
CJKoons03: "smashing"
CJKoons03: "unprecedented"

Cloud 9

Despite the cold, it was a good day today. I had the most fabulous lesson. I walked out of Mr. Lyras's office on cloud nine! I played something he hadn't heard me play before and he said some very good things that lifted my spirits. Then Shannon and I explored the neighborhood, from Sunset to Meridian, for the better part of the afternoon. We had great fun planning the lives we have a 99.9% chance of not living. Victoria was in a great mood today. Colin came to campus and we took her to Starbucks. She had lots of fun climbing on the table, drooling all over it, and practicing how many times she could drop Piglet to the floor in any given minute. I was late to dinner, which was not good ( well, I have to claim ignorance because I didn't know what time dinner was). I missed Crusade because I fell asleep. Tomorrow is an equally promising day!



OCTOBER IS HERE! Where are the pumpkins, apple cider, and scarecrows?
Speaking of pumpkins... I have to put in a plug for good ol Williams-Sonoma here. They have a pumpkin spice bread that is out of this world. Immensely addictive!
I think I'm going to set a new goal for this October. I'm going to carve a jack o' lantern. Its been years since I've done that! Does anybody want to join me?

Happy Birthday, Yaw!

Everyone must wish Yaw Anokwa a happy 22nd birthday! Even if you don't know him, drop him a line. yanokwa@butler.edu