Is this a surprise?

You are Schroeder!

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Solving problems

Bad theology is the root of all problems. And Charles Darwin.

But coffee at Starbucks can help aleviate the pain of all those problems.


Sillly Shannon Admits to Stupidity -- Again

Colin: Hey, Shann, what's up?
Me: Blah
Colin: Hey Shann, do you have any sup dog upstairs?
Me: [confused look] What's "sup dog"?
Colin: HA! Not much! What's up with you?

Will I ever learn my lesson and simply ignore little brother jokes???


To Chris

Once there was a Snu
Who never wore a shoe
Daily in Lilly as he toiled
His smile he never spoiled
His name was Tavakididama
Which did cause him quite some trauma
Music history did the same
Briscoe drove us all insane
In year it shall be past
The days at Butler will not last
But this I know is true
Our blood shall always flow white and blue.



An article on anonymous posting. (From Daniel.) Somehow though I won't be surprised to find 200 anonymous posts on my blog just out of spite. Maybe I shouldn't say that because I'm just then feeding their fire. And these people do enjoy aggravating me, especially because I'm a redhead. Don't ask...

Boys, dumb boys

This was the weird weekend for boys of all ages to hit on me. Friday night, I'm sitting in Starbucks in Broad Ripple, and seriously, at least 5 guys hit on me from outside. One guy even banged his head against the window twice. But honestly, it's really not flattering in the least bit to get the attention of a drunk. Today at work, some 60 year old man said something like "you're a rascally kid." Next thing he says is, "Do you tango? I'm always looking for a new, tall partner." Then he proceeds to carry on a drawn-out conversation about dancing, tangos, and Argentine dance groups. Wow. Someone give me a paper sack for my head!


2 am Sister talk

Megan, discussing unsolicited advances by the opposite sex:

Mckoons: i just must be exuburating cuteness or something these days. sheesh
noJello4u: wow
noJello4u: what have you been drinking?
Mckoons: truly
Mckoons: cranberry juice with sierra mist
noJello4u: pass it my way! jk!
noJello4u: yeah lots of tang!
noJello4u: zowie
Mckoons: my new fav drink at the cafeteria. and eng bkfst at practically every meal with hekel
Mckoons: come to my school. i'll hook you up
noJello4u: hahaha ok.
Mckoons: it will be like, boys, here is my sister. she's just as fun and beautiful as me. chase her. it will be fun for me to watch her scream


Is this legal?

While washing the dinner dishes with my brother.

Colin: You're cute. I think I kinda like you.
Colin: In a non-romantic sort of way.


Kid funnies

From Monday's Ice Skating:

Christopher Cheng, a darling 5 or 6 year old all bundled up cries, "I got the going forwards part down, it's the stopping part that's hard!" and then he runs into a wall.

Then there was Michaela Bell who wouldn't stop asking me every five minutes if she could learn how to cross-over yet.
Today's piano lessons:

The Long kids were pretty hyper. I'd like to think that it was because they were so excited to start piano again.

-Jacob has excuses for EVERYTHING. Seriously.
-Beth likes to chat. If I try to get back on track and do piano, she says, "dont you want to keep chatting?" Beth gives me the inside scoop on the young gossip of the church.
-Anna is severely frightened by me I think. But she cracks a few smiles.
-Bekah had a cold and somehow the drugs have fried a few brain cells or something because she thought EVERYTHING was amusing. She was quite a sight! :) Today's disclaimer was "Beware. I've had lots of Benadryl and coffee."
-Luke watched from the sidelines as Bekah and I laughed our heads off. Then in his mature maleness he comments on how we were kinda wild in lesson.



Or lack thereof.

It's Sunday night. I'm updating. But I don't have anything important to say. Megan came home this weekend. Our Europe trip is still unplanned and I'm starting to get a little worried. Oh and Meg was sick too. I didn't know she didn't go to church today and was asleep downstairs. So she triggered the alarm I had set. I hope she wasn't too terrified. I would have been. Veritas participated in Block Party Take 2 today. It was a pointless waste of time. The only people were there were people working a booth. Yeah. Tomorrow I get to go ice skating with a bunch of little kids. Then I agreed to accompany the women's glee club. I hate it when I can't say no. Sorry, Mrs. Bush. Or was it Nancy?


Ahh. Wednesdays.

Was very late to class today. Got there and class was cancelled. Can't get much better than that.
Because everyone else is doing it
It looks like I need to get out more often. I guess I tend to travel frequently to the same places.

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide
She is the most adorable 14 month year old. She is the ray of sun in my life! I got to babysit her all evening tonight. I decided though that being a single mom would be very lonely and boring. If you want to see her adorable face, you can look at her pictures.
Uncle Mike's [Selvia] criteria for an ideal man: 1) Must work for Lilly. 2) Be a Westsider. Order of preference is debatable.

Add that to my already existing extremely long list and I'm set for old maid-hood for life!
New Blogger
The cutest, best-looking 13 year old in the state of Indiana now has a blog. Check it out. I can say that because I'm his piano teacher. And I've known him since he was a toddler. (Luke, just don't mention that you dislike piano, OK? Nor that you think I should quickly marry so your piano lessons would come to an end - which is purely NOT logical, btw. It makes me look bad.)


Random NEA Distraction

Read about Veritas's HIGHLY successful meeting on Monday night. Get it HERE.

Final NEA comments

1. I will admit that the means are not as important to me as the end. I don't care how the job gets done, as long as it is accomplished. I'm not as anxious to change the system as I am to change the people.

2. I am a musician. It is what I do. It is my passion, it is my life. I will actively fight for art, its appreciation, education and understanding for the rest of my life. Deal with it.

3. Yes, those who post anonymously are acting cowardly. What's the point in having an opinion if you're not willing to admit it was yours. In regards to the Federalist Papers, I do not consider them invalidated. I thought them very boring.