I think I see a light...

2 more days of class for my undergraduate career. How strange... If I was 100% honest, I"m not sure I ever thought I'd make it this far... Yeah for me. :)
Drumroll please:
I am getting the teaching assistantship next year. I will be teaching keyboard skill classes to JCFA majors and taking graduate classes. I'm not worried about the classes, those will be a piece of cake, but the teaching will be a new experience for sure. I'm just so grateful that I got it - it's wonderful knowing I get to have a Master's and not have to pay for it!
Shout out to all my little brothers and sisters. You did a fabulous job tonight, I'm so proud of you!! Let's see... my favorite parts were: Margaret and Becca's fight - that was rather convincing (Mags and Becca - we always knew you two were divas at heart!); the fact that David acted with a cast - you deserve an A - oh and David, you should wear a tux more often; Luke - I was quite impressed with your hidden talent (and you made quite a dashing Thoreau! Especially in that hat); Ellie - you were beautiful as always; um.... I hope I haven't forgotten anybody. I don't remember our highschool play audiences being that supportive - or rowdy - so kudos to you. Ha! :) Love you all!
I got my cruise ticket today! YEAH! I'm so excited. Now all I need to do is find a new swimsuit...



Graduation: 30 Days
French class: 7 more classes
Religion class: 6 more classes
Art history: 4!
Geography: 4
American music: 2
Papers: 3
Finals: 4
and then...
CRUISE: 31 days!