Yeah I'm alive. Still.

Let me take a moment to swipe the dust that has collected on my blog's spot.

Whoever said senior year was easy? I always thought that when it got around to your senior semester, it was all downhill. Well, let me tell you about the hike I have ahead of me. I got an email a week or so ago saying I was short 6 credits of graduation. AHH! Not good news! So with some creative adding, I got it down to 4. 16 plus 4 = 20 hours divided into 8 classes. AHH! But I'm in all really great classes and I'm having a ball. Until of course, midterms, finals, and research projects pile up ontop of me, then I'll be whistling a different tune. Or not whistling at all. Actually, I don't know how to whistle.


Christmas break was fabulous. Minus, of course, sickness and bed rest, but at least it got me to stop and slow down for four weeks. I had a wonderful time with Kevin and Amy, who informed us the Koons dynasty will expand to the next generation in July. But I guess since I'm writing in January, that gets demoted to "old news." (Hey, I'm slow and desperate...)


Everyone must come to see (me) ahem Jordan Jazz sing in April. If you haven't gotten an email about it (ahem Aunt Beth) it's because the dates are not settled in stone nor the place. So, I didn't want to cause confusion too soon.

If I had kept with my old degree plan, you all would have been forced to attend my piano recital, so think of this as its replacement, only much more entertaining, and you get to eat!


Some Anti-New Years Resolutions, aka post-Christmas break addictions.

1. Facebook. Very useful for stalking and procrastination.
2. Gilmore Girls. Gotta love the wit.
3. Michael Vartan. This is actually an old passion, but renewed because I get to see him every Wednesday.
4. HGTV. I especially enjoy Designer Finals.
5. TLC. Although the only rewarding thing is What Not To Wear. Best thing on Friday night television.
6. Complete satisfaction in doing absolutely nothing.


That about covers it for now. I'm off to soak in a luxurious milk bath (read below somewhere about my bath fetish). Ta Ta.