Happy New Year

It's already 2006 in China. I miss my sister. Happy New Year to you, Meg! I know that God has plenty more adventures planned for you! I wish you were home to celebrate with us - we miss your contagious laugh.
I'm not big into resolutions because I have a slight problem with the follow-through. :) Discipline is always just around the corner. Tomorrow.
To my best friend: Oh Colin, my handsome brother, why do I love you so much? Thank you for being a true friend. You can talk my ear off about economic theory but you return the favor and listen to my woes without complaint. Your wisdom exceeds your age and I'm grateful that you freely give me a taste of your counsel. Thanks for your constant honesty and loyalty.


Spring Cleaning

I've decided to start a new trend. This summer, while I was hooked on reading random memoirs, I came across several authors who talked about a Jewish ritual called Mikvah. Related to the biblical cleansing laws, women go monthly, after their monthly cycle, to a special "spa"-ish thing to be completely purified before they can return to their husbands. The cleansing involves a shower, exfoliation, nail care, the whole nine yards. I really like this idea, not that I'm exactly preparing my body for someone, but I think that certain principles could apply. So I think I'm going to start practicing it, only the Gentile version. Basically, what I propose is an excuse to spend an evening pampering yourself, but why shouldn't we set time aside to take care of our bodies? As Christian women, we should not neglect the skin God gave us - so why not make a practice of it? If we're the temple of the Holy Spirit, I'm sure He would appreciate living in a house without rough skin and unkept nails. To help my intentions along, I bought some fantastic olive-oil bath soak from L'Occitane today to set aside only for my girly session. I think my body will thank me for my new resolution. So it's not a crazy religious ritual (ahem MOTHER), but merely upkeep with your body, like some guys do with detailing their cars. It's setting aside a regular time to care about the little things, like exfoliation and olive-oil baths, rather than letting your feet thicken with callouses until you scrub them off the night before the open toed sandal-required event. More like a Christian form of the French toilette.

Nearing the New

2006 is just around the corner. Am I ready?
I am officially cool. I now come equipped with an iPod nano, turquoise leather school bag, 3 new scarves for my addiction, quilted down vest, and the biography of Condi Rice. What more could a girl ask for? Watch out world!
I’ve recently been introduced to a group called The Fray and I’m quite taken with them. Their lyrics are haunting [me] and their musicality is impressive. I enjoy the piano especially; it’s nice to hear a real one instead of a keyboard. Also effective is the vocal harmony – not all groups can accomplish a nice arrangement.

One song in particular that’s been staying with me is “Heaven Forbid,” and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

Twenty years it's breaking you down, now that you understand there's no one around.
Take a breath, just take a seat, you're falling apart and tearing at the seams.

Heaven forbid you end up alone and don't know why
Hold on tight wait for tomorrow, you'll be alright

It's on your face, is it on your mind, would you care to build a house of your own.
How much longer, how long can you wait, It's like you wanted to go and give yourself away.

Heaven forbid you end up alone and don't know why
Hold on tight wait for tomorrow, you'll be alright

The words seem to relate well to my point and sentiment in life right now as I’m somewhere in between completely content and wishful thinking/doubtful that God will provide my ideal, my soulmate. Maybe it’s just fodder for a pity party… The song goes on to say, “It feels good. Is that reason enough for you,” and here is where I hold on. Feeling good is never enough – I want more.
More for me than you:

Je ne sais pas quoi dire, pour je suis en tumulte. L’année prochaine arrive toute suite et je ne sais pas si je suis prête. Est-ce que j’ai accompli tout ce que Dieu a voulu que je fasse ? Comment est-ce qu’on le sait ? Est-ce que les mois se moque de moi quand ils me rappellent dans la passée ? J’ai besoin de direction pendant je marche dans l’avenir. Vraiement, je veux faire tout ce que Dieu m’a appellé à faire, mais je ne suis pas sûr si je l’ai accompli. Je ne suis pas très contente maintenant, mais peut-étre c'est l’image de bonheur qui me rend confusée. Mais, pourquoi l'inquiétude? Pourquoi est-ce que mon esprit est perturbé? J'ai besoin de la paix.



Crow: I go for guys in scrubs.
Koons: I go for guys in suits.
Hospo: I go for guys with guitars. After that they could be wearing nothing for all I care.
In other news: I found this awesome gray silk dress from Banana tonight. Think 40's Hollywood long-sleeve blouse, only knee length. It's fabulous.


la vie est belle ... quand il y a de la neige

Yes there is snow falling in Indianapolis right now and it makes me so happy. I could watch it all day - if only I had the time. After last week's snowfall the roomies, Colin and I romped in the snow in the apartment courtyard. I think we scared a few of our neighbors. If I had a digital camera or the time to scan pics in, or even if I knew how to post pics on my blog, I'd share our silliness with you. But I don't have/know any of the above. Oh well.
After tomorrow I am finished with my first semester of grad school. I can't wait - I am very ready for the torture to come to an end. Working full-time over Christmas for Williams-S will be a piece of cake - even with the scheduling/managing/annoying customers. It's definitely been a learning experience this past semester - lots of change. But hopefully, I'm coming out the stronger woman for it. Among my learning experiences I might include:
1) I'm a much cleaner person than I ever imagined and can be pickier than my mother. So maybe I am a Spiehler at heart... without the drama
2) Fun books are so much more tempting to read when you don't have as many classes.
3) Skipping class is not an option for teaching grad students. And if you accidently oversleep, you're the toast you didn't get to eat for breakfast.
4) I need to stop buying so much Ann Taylor. My students were shocked when they figured out I was only 23.
5) No matter what stage you are in life, there will always be stresses and responsibilities - the problem is trying to figure out how to deal with them.
I must get ready and go fail my playing jury. Bah humbug. At least my finger callouses are returning after all this practicing.