Our First Wedding Gift

I had an unexpected surprise the other day: our first wedding gift from an unexepected giver. I walked into to the room where I teach piano lessons and there stood two sister students with five great big Macy's bags. My jaw dropped and tears welled. They have been upset by my leaving them as a teacher (one of the girls has cried in the last couple of lessons) and they demonstrated their love with the most generous and sincere gifts I've ever received. Their kindness was precious to me and I look forward to using such beautiful serving pieces. Each time I use them, I will definitely remember these dear students. The dishes will also serve as a reminder to me that you can never fully estimate the impact you might have on a life or the impact a life can have on yours. Thank you, dear, dear girls.


At Friday, March 28, 2008 8:18:00 AM, Blogger Alicia said...

They are beautiful, simple pieces! That is so fun, and what a generous gift it was. That is wonderful. Now put them away until you are married lol.

At Friday, March 28, 2008 8:56:00 AM, Blogger Heather L. said...

That was so sweet! Such a nice surprise! Love the dishes too.


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