I just added it up. 64 people (kid to adult) suffer weekly under my hands and/or monotone lecture voice. Some of them even get to have it twice a week! So, if you account for the 44 students who come twice, that's a 108 teaching interactions total per week. With a combined total of 83.5 hours a week teaching.

No wonder I'm tired. No wonder they're bored.

Grad school had better be worth it.


Caution: Idiots at large

Sorority Girl: Ooooh! My favorite place in the WHOLE world is Innsbruck!
Other Sorority Girl: (word, ooh, word)
Sorority Girl: Yeah, I think it's a country actually. I went there in, like, highschool. Yeah, I think it's like a little country by Switzerland.

Yes, this is a REAL conversation I overheard in Starbucks today. Being incorrect is not recommended, but unfortunately is acceptable in some situations. But please, when you're going to state a claim as true, please make sure you know what you're talking about first! And admitting that you actually have eye-witness experience to back up your claim only makes you look even more ridiculous. You'd better go back and, I don't know, curl your hair some more.