alright alright

... Camping in sub-zero weather isn't recommended. Packing up and moving the party to a hotel is!

... I have never been closer physically to any one person for an extended period of my life than I was on Friday night. Discovering at 10 p.m. that you and your sister's tent isn't exactly arctic-quality can do that to you.

... Wade is the most competitive person I think I've ever met. God bless his lil' cotton pickin' heart.

... Jordan Jazz started it's new repetoire for Christmas. Can't you hear those sleighbells ringin' and jinglin'?

... I am sick of the election hype. I just want it done and over with. I'm tired of worrying about it.

... I am REALLY sick of liberals. Period.

... The Indianapolis Star dropped some major points in my esteem due to its endorsement of Julia Carson. For the sake of integrity, endorse anyone other than Carson! I am still shocked and disgusted.

... I haven't been able to find a place to live if Kerry is elected. Does anyone know a tropical island for sale?

... Turning 22 was great fun. Thanks to my good friends who helped me celebrate getting old. The IRT production of Pride and Prejudice was phenomenal with some ingenuous set design.

... If anyone knows of an internship or job in France or elsewhere, drop a line. I'm attempting to plan out the rest of my life.

... For the first time since the beginning of the semester, World Music class finally discussed music! How originial!

... TTFN. Ta Ta For Now!


b l a h

t h i s
b l o g
i s
b o r i n g

a m
b o r e d
o f
t h i s
b l o g.

does that count as an 'update'?



The evening I just spent jammin' with Bobby McFerrin was way too awesome for words. WOW. What an experience!

If you were foolish and missed out on the Bobby concert, come Saturday night (I guess that's tonight) to the Vocal Jazz Caberet 8 pm, Clowes Hall, to hear more amazing shows of talent by Jordan Jazz!