Midterm study procrastination...

Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

What Gender Is Your Brain?


Weekend à la culture!

Indeed, it has been a culture filled weekend. My mind is overflowing with enlightenment.

Friday - Colin, Shannon Crow, and I went to the ISO to hear Janos Starker, an old, decrepit cellist. It was amazing to watch him play - he could hardly walk on stage. I hope when I'm that old I can still play the piano. Anyways, it was also a night of random meetings. As soon as we sat down, some grade school friends came up to say hello - hadn't seen them in quite awhile. After the peformance as we were talking to yet a second group of long-time-no-sees, I ran into Greg Snapper who I hadn't seen since last spring semester. It was all rather odd to say the least. Rounded out the night with coffee from South Bend Chocolate Co.

Saturday - After studying very hard for midterms, I met Colin and his friend Christy at the IRT to see Grapes of Wrath. Which was a fabulous production by the way. Christy and I sat on the very far right corner with our feet almost touching the stage. Created interesting viewing positions. Colin on the other hand sat dead center, upper mez. Uggh. Then we went home and watched a French film Jean de Florette with Gerard Depardieu and I Heart Huckabees.

Sunday - Other than going to church, the only cultural thing I've done so far is watch another French film, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not with Audrey Tautou. Fantastic movie- I need to watch it again. It reminded me in some ways of Sliding Doors. Now I'm off to be productive in the studying realm.

Weekend lesson: Having a student ID pays! :)


Golden Nugget for Today

God is good. And He is still working in, through and around me.

Sometimes I am so distracted that I forget to see God. Then He opens the door or turns on the light or something and leaves me amazed that I was so foolish. What a peaceful feeling I have right now. Can't explain it, can't define it. And I am so grateful that He gave me friends who help hold up my arms.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.


On the waterfront

Today is such a gorgeous spring preview! I opened my moon roof - fabulous. I can almost taste spring - so tempting and discontenting (if that's a word).


Last night Shannon and I took Amanda out to celebrate her 22nd birthday. We went to Rick's Boatyard where we enjoyed late night appetizers, great music, and the hot Italians at the next table. :) Then to Starbucks (of course) and back to our house. The movie we were supposed to watch turned into and impromptu slumber party. Amanda was so cute. She was so excited because she hadn't been to a slumber party since elementary school. I say - anything that makes you happy!


Thursday night Mom, Dad, and I went to the Home Show at the state fair. Ha, what an hilarious time!

I'm always amazed at the truly gawdy and tacky things people can adorn their homes with. There are some really hideous things in this world. There are the few things that are nice and unique, but most ungodly expensive. But, it was entertaining nevertheless.

The best part was the wine tasting. I know.. at a home show? It was a cooking demonstration with an Ivy Tech chef, an Oliver winery representative, and the publisher of Indianapolis Dine. It wasn't a little bit of wine they were handing out either, like regular glassfuls. We tasted four different kinds: Pinot Grigot, Shiraz, Reisling, and a Honey Mead. The Mead was too sweet and too much honey, but the chef said it made a fabulous poached pear dessert, which I'll have to try sometime. And we walked away with a Dine subscription because the Cantebury Hotel lunch for two bonus definitely outweighed the $12 subscription. :)

All in all, it was a very entertaining evening - time well spent with the parents. I love to watch my dad at these things. He gets so excited about stuff that my mom has no intention of buying. :) Good times.