Rubber Duckies

I've never understood all those pictures you see of ancient spas, or the articles in health magazines, or people who spend hard-earned cash at places like L'Occitaine or the Body Shop. Or in movies when the heroine is up to her neck in bubbles and candlelight. At least, not until recently. I have discovered the beauty of a bath and I am slowly becoming a convert. There is definitely something to a bath and I have yet to find a more relaxing way to spend a half hour. It's a simple recipe to ease a bad day - just add a cup of milk to soften skin, maybe a few herbs if you like, light a candle to add glow, turn on some music (it must be non-back beat, ie classical) and soak -- indefinitely. It leaves you feeling so fresh and renewed. A good cup of tea afterwards add an especially nice finishing touch. It's good to invest time and energy in things that make you feel splendid! Now, for my cup of tea...


absentee posting

Dear blog readers,

I won't be posting for the rest of the week. Not that it really makes much of a difference since I haven't posted in a while. But I'm leaving in a few hours for family vacation. It's going to be loads of fun and plenty of relaxation. Sunshine, bikeriding, shopping, campfires on the beach... Bet you all are jealous and wish you could come too. :) But, no. Sorry. The car is going to be full enough without you. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Take Care.



Just trying out something new I downloaded. NO. I did not take this photograph. But after I figure this out, maybe you'll see some for real.

New Design

I just discovered new blog templates. They've added quite a few since I first started my blog. I thought it needed a cooler, updated look. So here it is. I had a hard time picking one - "Should I do pink 'n girly, or nice 'n neat?" I chose "snapshot tequila" because ... well not that I drink margaritas, but it reminded me of summer and the little picture looked like a metro map, and you never know --- it could be Paris. So. Give me feedback and tell me what you think of the new do. And sorry, I somehow lost all pre-existing comments. Bummer.