CCRP Picnic


Welcoming in Fall!

Surveying the job.
I help Grandpa plant mums!

Dirty shoes: The sign of fun times!


Ecclesiastes 3:4

There is a time for everything under heaven. But what timing.

There was a time to mourn the loss of Grandpa. The depth and quality of grief that I experienced was new to me, even though I've lost other family members. But even so, I can't imagine what it must feel like for a husband or father. In a family's grieving, everyone is mourning a different person. There is a reason they put those tacky ribbons on funeral bouquets that say "Grandpa," "Father," "Husband," etc. Because it's true - one person is all those things and is mourned and missed accordingly. His absence has yet to become a reality. Does it ever?

There was a time to dance. The morning after the funeral, I started my new job at Taylor. I'm not dancing yet, but I'm driving a lot and I'm teaching music... isn't that close enough? Time moves on.

Ecclesiastes doesn't make it clear that sometimes the times overlap. Where's the struggle? In finding the balance.