Welcome, Summer!

Sorry, folks, for neglecting the update but thanks for sparing me the onslot of complaints. :) Well let's see.. I auditioned on Monday for the more select voice ensembles, specifically for Jordan Jazz. I did pretty well during first audition and to my great delight I made callbacks! The second audition was yesterday and it went all right. I've been sick since Sunday and yesterday had been the worst I was feeling, so I'm afraid I didn't perform as well as I could have. Bummer because I really wanted in the group. I'll be pretty suprised though if I made the 16 voice jazz ensemble but I won't find out until next week. Today I had my two and only finals. I would be completely finished except because of illness, I haven't gotten my paper done yet. But basically ---- I'm FREE!!!!



I think I just nearly collided with a drunk driver on the interstate. Or maybe he was just in a hurry to get to the hospital because his wife was in labor.


Almost there...

I have 50 minutes of class time left in the semester!



I don't understand what the big deal is about me posting so infrequently. Did I miss the section in the blog machine's terms and conditions where posts are required to be scheduled? More than that, I don't understand because I really don't have anything interesting to say. I refuse to post anything controversial anymore because, well, because. I don't like having people breathe down my neck and insult my intelligence. I don't go out much, so I don't have funny stories to relate. Honestly, I lead a very boring life right now. I wish I could say that my absence from the blogosphere was due to a heavy school load and how I labor every night studying. But I can't say that because it would be lying. Well, this week I'm up late, but of course that is only because I have procrastinated hideously this semester. The good news is that I have 3 days of classes, two finals, one project, and one paper left. YEAH! This semester has been ridiculously pathetic. I dislike my classes and looking back, I haven't learned a single substantial thing. Well, except for music theory, but lately it has been more repeat of Music History 3. But you can only talk about John Cage for so long. So yeah my life is pitiful. Pity me.
You can tell that it's the last week of school because Hinkle's parking lot is FULL.
I like spring when it rains because it makes the tree bark very dark making the new foliage stand out like God painted them with glow in the dark paint.


Elementary Funnies.

Meg was working on a school project tonight and dug up some of our old writings and great works of art. I found them highly amusing, and thought I'd post some of my personal favorites. All the spellings and punctuation are as written. Enjoy!
By Shannon
True Story
One day us five Mom, Kevin, Megan, Me and Colin toke a bike ride. Mom was across the street. Mom called to me "Don't Go Across." But I did. And Partly got killed. BUt God make it happin in His one spiecal way. Even if my mom Got MAd.
The End.
"Struggles are beneficial"
written and drawn by Shannon Koons

about the author:
Shannon Koons was born in Texas, 1982, Oct. 9th. She moved to Ind. in 1988. She was alwas ful of idaes and wanting to play. She loved to play with friends, or play outside. Her big sister was always a comfort to her (sometimes). Her big and little brother was always a pest to her.
Highlights from "Jesus made Me special!"

Racial Background, p.3: "He gots the whoLe world in his hAnd."

Brothers and Sister, p. 7:
Kevin - 1. Thank you God, for making me Kevin. 2. I love Kevin becuse he loves me. 3. I love Kevin becuse he sticks up for me.
Megan - 1. Thank you Lord, for making me Megan. 2. I love Megan becuse she loves me. 3. I love Megan becuse she is always there to play with me.
Colin - 1. Thank you God, for making me Colin. 2. I love Colin becuse he loves me. 3. I love Colin even if he hits me.
From a cursive writing page:
Write one sentence telling what you would like to be when you grow up.
I want to be a Libraraen.
Why do you want to be that? Write three reasons.
It's fun to stamp the books. I like to read. I know my alphabet very well.
What can you do to prepare for that job? Write about two ways.
I can learn the a.b.c. fast. And learn athors.


Domestic Diva

Misfortune awaits a dame
Martha Stewart is her name.
Women, near and far
N'er forget this kitchen tsar!
She left us such good things
And taught us how to dine like kings.
To jail she goes to meet her fate
Making creme brulee on a hot plate.
Her mistake has left a void-
Refrain from being overjoyed!
For what is this noise I hear?
The sound of women drawing near!
At the front stands a dame
Shannon Koons is her name.
She will arise and take the empty post
To her, raise your toast!
Watch and wait, it shan't be long
Before you all shall sing her song.


There is absolutely no sympathy in this world anymore. No consideration for the oppressed and afflicted. None. Zip. Zilcho. Especially not for a certain poor, feeble redhead who nearly lost her life to an asthma attack last week! *cough-cough* Did anyone bring her flowers (or at least a photo of one) or come to fix her hot tea? Indeed not! What does she get instead? BLAST. BLAM. CURSES. Has posting on an internet blog become the only form of communication anymore? Whatever happened to catching up on the phone, or better yet, over coffee? It is utterly disappointing to be the subject of such petty criticism when there are much more important things in this world. Like save all the children starving in Africa or find a cure for cancer.