I remember now

what Shannon said on Sunday. She said if she ever put her little girl's hair in pigtails I should shoot her. She said it reminded her too much of the streamers we used to put in our bike handles. I love Shannon, she makes me laugh so much that I think it's unhealthy. But I disagree with her on one point. I LOVE PIGTAILS! But the part about the bike streamers, that's definitely a blast from the past! Wow, the 80s. Do they still do that now? My sister and I usually put keys in our bike handles... we were kind of obsessed with pretending how to drive. Ok we were obsessed period. It's a really good thing we lived on 12 acres at the time. We would have scared the daylights out of most normal people. :)

Some people do love me!

aPuLLiaM92: You're making me want to get a blog!!!!
Anna, you are too precious! I just love you!!!

Fall is here!

Wow. It's the last day of September. Tomorrow starts October, my favorite month! That means 9 more days till my birthday. (hint hint) :)
Anybody ready for a good old fashioned bonfire? Well, I'm working on that and I'll keep you posted.

Monday... again

You know it's gonna be a bad week when you wake up on Monday wishing it was already Friday.
Tonight was the first Veritas meeting. It went well, a little rough around the edges, but overall highly successful I think. Got some great discussion which made me very happy and saw some completely new faces, which also made me happy. Guess it works to advertise! I really hope that everyone that was there comes back next time!
I returned to Shepherd Community this afternoon for the first time since summer day camp. It was wonderful! I walk in the room and "MISS SHANNON"s greet me as I get a hundred hugs.

Postive feedback!

SpuLLiaM86: I LOVE YOUR BLOG SHANNON! Don't let stupid Dawgnet people get you down cause I read it and like it. You rock my world!


Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Maybe. Maybe not. Most likely not when in terms of an absence from blogging.
My week in a nutshell: OVERSLEEPING!
Friday's JCFA convocation was pointless. It was interesting for a while, but then it got boring quickly. It was definitely geared toward those who hope to make it big in the arts, especially in Hollywood or on Broadway. I don't fit into either of those categories.
Shannon said something really funny this afternoon at lunch with Grandma, Colin, and me. I told her that I was going to put it in my blog because it was so funny. Now I don't remember what it was. Dagnabit. I'm going senile.


Digi arts fun

Meg and Shannon are patiently waiting for Dr. Felice to answer a question.
Meg: Well look what our prof is doing for fun!
Shannon looks
Dr. Felice is seeing which Monty Python character he is thanks to quizilla.com.
Meg and Shannon: Oh my. [roll eyes]


Lifehouse hits home

from the world below
I'm watching the sun burning
as the road is slowly turning
I know that in letting go
I'm learning how to live
through a life I have to give...

Monday is so groggy

I woke up late this morning. I didn't make it to music theory and I came very close to purposefully skipping music history. But alas, my conscience got the best of me and I went. I tried waking myself up by exercising on the treadmill. It was going pretty well, clipping along at a pretty fast run (well fast for me), until my lungs started to hurt and I was gasping for air. Guess that wasn't such a great idea. Since I've been home, I haven't gotten much accomplished. I don't know what my deal is... where has productive energy gone?

More craziness from Dad

This happened last night at 11:30pm. It just had to be included.

Mom, Dad, and I were in the kitchen talking. Dad disappears for a moment and returns with a whirring dustbuster in hand. He starts chasing a moth that's hopping around on the ceiling. As he frantically chases the poor moth with the dustbuster, he says "I can't reach it!" Mom and I can't hold back the laughter, seriously, we're doubled over and stomping on the floor. Mom says, "Dale, what did you think it would do, say, 'please come and suck me up!'?" Mom and I can't stop laughing. Mom says, "and you know, Dale, this is one more thing she's going to put on her blog." Oh my, neither my sides nor my sanity can handle anymore!


Make me full of grace

"Teach thou us to count our days,
and set our hearts on wisdom's ways,
How long oh Lord, return, repent
and toward thy servant now relent.
Each morning fill us with thy grace
we'll sing for joy through all our days."
- Psalm 90:12-13

This morning, Megan and I woke up late for Sunday school. After walking into church 20 minutes late, we walked right back out and headed for McDonald's for breakfast at the Art Museum gardens. We had a nice sister bonding moment.
There was a pitch-in dinner after church. I had the great luck of sitting with Megan Stuart and Jimmy Glasheen. Ahhh... how some things never change. I love Jimmy, he's a great kid, and he just makes me laugh. He told some really stupid joke which he thought Megan didn't get. But Megan, she's a good gal, and she's smart, hilariously so. She responds to Jimmy's "Megan, it's a joke" with "I know, but it's not pratical!!" Gotta love those kids!
Girls are strange but wonderful creatures. We know we're guilty in the overanalysing crime, but still we do it. Is it a trap we fall in to, or is it just the way we get through life? Whatever it's called, it leads to some great moments. Friends are friends because that's what we're there for and if it takes sharing tears, so much more precious is the friendship.
God must be teaching me something about His grace in me. I like a definition I once heard of grace versus mercy. Grace is getting what you don't deserve and mercy is not getting what you do.



I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Wait, it's a day bed so I don't have a choice... anyways. I kept hitting snooze until 20 mins before I had to leave for class. I didn't shower, just threw on some clothes and grabbed a banana. My eyes hurt, I have a headache. Classes were boring, blah. Came home for lunch and Dad was home. Then he started asking my opinion about how we should finish out the last room in our basement - and closets no less! I don't know why he bothered asking me because he's going to do what he wants anyways. Then he chuckles and makes some comment about how he can't wait to see me have my own house, meaning I'm unrealistic. Ok, maybe sometimes I have outlandish opinions. But if an engineer can be absurdly anal about his drawings, can't his daughter be perfectly anal about what she wants? You know. I seriously can't wait until I do have my own house, so I can be particular about what I want and how I want it and be annoyingly anal about whatever floats my boat. And you all are going to be sorry you once made fun of me.

So, now I have two hours to shower, practice, etc before going work until 10 pm. Uggh. It was the day that shouldn't have been.



Dad: [examining the huge Papa John's jalepano peppers] Wow... steroids!
Coping with people just ain't easy
Does anybody really care if J.Lo and Ben break up?
My sister informs me that noJello4u has been on for 10 days. That's quite a feat if you ask me. Oh wait you didn't. Oh well snooze you lose.
Snooze you lose... that's been the morning saying round our house this week. The first and a half showers have been with hot water, the rest, well... you get the picture.


Thursday - my favorite day of the week. I only have two classes, aural skills and child development. In child development today, we talked about the advantages of breast-feeding versus bottle... yeah we won't go there in more detail. After having a piano lesson, I have a few hours to chill, study, and practice. Then comes my favorite part of the day: VICTORIA! :) I'm so in love with that baby girl. She's at such a cute stage. She giggles and ooohs at everything she sees. Nothing ceases to amaze her, or look so yummy to eat. She's really into making noises with her tongue but she hasn't learned how to control her spit, as my shirt can well testify. Being with her is a highlight of my week. It's a wonderful feeling to be loved and to have a ten month old's chubby arms squeeze your neck and yank at your hair. In the evening, I usually go to Crusade with Colin. Yeah, totally awesome, right on... (CJ that's for you). Now it's nearing midnight and I still have homework to do. I wish I could go to school but not actually have to do the schoolwork. Homework puts such a damper on good spirits.


Family funnies

Mom: Can I have some salad dressing? (there are only two choices)
Dad: Which one - this one, the poppyseed, or the ranch?
Mom: [Weird look to Dad]
Shannon: There are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't.
Dad: [ugh] I didn't say it like that
Mom: [LOL]
Dad: [helping Shannon with child development homework] ... and then her dad lovingly took her close to him and rocked her, with his back in a brace, for hours, and hours, and hours...
Dad: [barely taking a breath] ... then he would try to get up from his seat and carefully lay her down to sleep and he was in so much pain...
Shannon: Dad, do you just want to write it for me?

Random rantings

At least somebody reads my blog (although I think for the majority of the time, I'm writing to myself):
aPuLLiaM92: David thinks your blog is funny.
It was a beautiful day today. I got to sit outside and enjoy company of friends and do some homework. Of course my hair was windblown and I was sweating like a pig. But, I lived to tell about it.
My psychology of teaching [piano] is terrifically boring. The class is split in half with grad students versus undergrads. That makes it even more um .... interesting.


Welcome the newly established campus organization, Veritas. It's official, we're now on campus for real! SGA voted us in today, which was an interesting experience. Keep your eyes open for more info and ads; don't worry, they'll be there - you will be hearing from us. The first meeting is Monday, September 29th at 7:00pm. Details will follow.

Mid-week madness

Historically, Wednesdays have been packed, busy, eventful days for me. I don't know why. In highschool it was ususally piano lessons, teaching, Mr. Baumer's classes (Yeah for the Prof!) and all sorts of stuff. I should go back through life files and see what else happened on Wednesdays. My grandpa probably died on a Wednesday (actually I think it was a Thursday), and I'll bet the war was started on a Wednesday too.



Megan thinks my blog is pretty. Let's hear it for the older sister! (Should we tell her it was a pre-made format?) :)

MichelleBelle241: my fav is the dinner funnies!!!!
MichelleBelle241: I think I'll print them off and read it when I am down:-)

Tuesday's Child

It's the end of a very long Tuesday. Nothing exciting happened, except for fun times at late night dinner with the family at Arby's. Dad always keeps us in stitches. My day was busy, going from class to teaching piano, 8 kids in a row (!), to practicing, and to class again. Again, nothing gravity defying... maybe tomorrow. We did have an interesting discussion in Child Development class. Watched a video of a LeBuyer method birth (where a child is born in a warm swimming pool). I think I'm scarred for life. Actually, it was pretty fascinating. Birth just blows my mind away, it's so incredible.

Time for bed. Tomorrow I attempt the new lifestyle of being a morning person.

Dinner Funnies

Dad: I met Hannah today
Dad: (barely whispering) she talks like this
Colin: (not hearing) what'd you say?
Dad: that's what I said
Shannon: (spewing sprite from her nose and mouth, choking and laughing uncontrollably)
Mom: David Pulliam is a really good looking kid
Dad: I know, it's a miracle!
Colin: you know, she'd be a really nice person if she like got a totally new personality


Grace flows down

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
Amazing love, now flowing down
From hands and feet that were nailed to the tree
His grace flows down and covers me.

And covers me...

I chose my blog's title from this simple praise song, Grace flows down. It serves as a continual reminder that I need an outpouring of God's grace to get through each day. Every breath I breathe and every step I take is rooted in God's merciful grace towards me. Since this blog serves the purpose of musing over daily events and opinions, the title seemed fitting.

Once upon a time...

I have plummetted to the depths of internet ridiculousness: I have begun a blog. It would profit me well to offer an apology to those whom I have previously criticized for wasting precious time blogging. To them - you know who you are - I apologize. My reason for beginning a blog is mainly that I often have various musings throughout the day but have no outlet to express them. Please don't expect great political tirades or astounding profoundness, if so, you will be disappointed. I suppose that is my disclaimer. Having stated thus, I invite you to enjoy shannonkoons.blogspot.com. Thank you.