I'm very grateful for an amazing, passionate and concerned sister-in-law. Here's her latest post.


This is a substitute post.

I'm in the middle of internet research for my thesis bibliography, so no time for a "real" post. But here's some humor for this sunny day.

Two muffins are baking in an oven. One muffin says to the other, "Man, it's really hot in here!" The other muffin turns and says, "OH MY GOSH!!! A TALKING MUFFIN!!!"


How to Entertain Two Toddlers

For the one who cries for his mommy, let him be comforted...
...by playing with the light switch.
For the one who likes to sing, let her sing wholeheartedly, as unto the Lord...
...even when she can't read, especially upside-down.

For the one who refuses to nap...
...let him and his silly faces keep you company at the kitchen table.

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Winter Wonderland



Unusual Websites

This month's Real Simple magazine had an article about freebies. It listed a couple of interesting swapping websites. I've browsed them a bit... maybe I'll try it sometime.


Snow Day!

See, God answers prayer! :) Yeah for blizzards! We have quite the line-up: biscuit and gravy for breakfast, movie marathon in the afternoon, games in the evening. It's a good day.
Updated Schedule of the Indoor Day...
clean bathroom
clean out bathroom drawers and cabinet
clean nasty bathroom fan vent
change old lightbulbs
go through paperwork
clean out shoes
do laundry
make cinnamon rolls
read book #1
read book #2
watch movie
work on research?


Monday Mornings

and other ramblings.

- No. 10 Butler Bulldogs are losing ground. This is not good. (See, I do keep up on sports.)
- We're supposed to get a foot of snow by tomorrow night. Dear Lord, please let be so bad that all university activities cancel so I can enjoy a day inside! (Oh no, I never pray selfishly)
- There were 5 coyotes hanging out on our deck when I went to bed last night. (Yes, it was late...)
- I have a headache. (Maybe I can cure it with some coffee)
- "It Had to Be You" is going through my head. (Did it have to be that song?)
- I was coerced into watching part of the Grammys last night. (The Dixie Chicks...uh, no comment.)
- Butler email is not working. (Where exactly are my many tuition dollars going??)


Drinking Coffee, Pretending to Study

I'm currently at the 86th and Ditch Panera Bread. I haven't been here in a while and wow, they've gotten quite the face lift! Coffee can now be sipped next to a fireplace, or at tons new seating amidst new color and wall art. Pretty sweet. Free wi-fi is pretty sweet too. So is my yummy cinnamon crunch bagel...



When you look at the world
What is it that you see?

People find all kinds of things

That bring them to their knees

I see an expression

So clear and so true

That it changes the atmosphere

When you walk into the room

So I try to be like you
Try to feel it like you do

But without you it's no use
I can't see what you see
When I look at the world

I can't wait any longer
I can't wait till I'm stronger
Can't wait any longer
To see what you see
When I look at the world
- U2

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