I travelled to Ohio last night to see Megan perform in her school's play All My Sons. The set was very well-done and the acting, especially the lead, was superb. Megan, of course, rocked all their socks, but that's just my little sister opinion. Oh and by the way, I liked your dress and pearls, Meg -- très chic! I was accompanied by Mr. M--- and enjoyed a nice chit chat. Afterwards the SuperStar and her two companions went to Friday's for spinach dip and chicken fingers. I hope I didn't frighten Mr. M--- with the pole-vaulting v. basketball debate and their respective analogies to the Christian walk. :)
Yesterday was a day of Firsts in my life. I took my car to get the oil changed. The highlights of that episode were getting my jeans completely soaked in the downpour and seeing Mr. and Mrs. Duck out house-hunting.


Time and Thoughts Spent

My parents and Colin left Thursday afternoon for Sacramento. That translates to peace and quiet solitude for 3 days and the house all to myself! It's glorious, simply glorious! I had huge expectations for my first evening all alone. I was going to catch up on some homework, get a head start on my theory project, practice, etc... What did I do instead? First off, I made chocolate pudding--all for me. Then I made my supper. THEN I took it downstairs to watch Friends. Unfortunately Friends turned into the Figure Skating World Championship, which in turn became Stepmom, which ended with me crying my eyes out. It's never a good sign when TNT sponsers the show with Kleenex ads. After I finished off my own box, I climbed back upstairs to do the dishes. What a night!
A particular person's blog and comments have recently been brought to my attention. My reaction: Ok. First of all, you guys are leagues ahead of me than where I was during my highschool freshman and sophomore years. I didn't have great conversations or debates about deep stuff like that. If I did, it was between me and my multiple personalities, which goes to explain some of my insanity. I digress. Like I said, I think it is stupendous that you all strive to consider weighty questions. Kudos to you. But on issues such as these, don't be surprised if you find one day that your dogmatic opinions have drastically changed. And don't kill yourself when this realization seizes you, because it happens. And one more thing, if you're all going to sit around and philosophize, pick a topic that is a) more relative to your lives and b) something you can actually do about today.


Signs of Spring

It's almost time to put away the wool coats and bring out the flip-flops. Here are five signs I've noticed around Indy and on campus.

1. New Mulch. It doesn't have the most fragrant scent, but when I smell it I know spring is just around the corner.
2. The Infamous Kroger Trees. Yes, Dad, they're piling up already!
3. Daffidol Buds. Almost ready to pop!
4. Peeps and Easter bunnies. On Clarendon, there's a great big inflated Bunny. It's highly pathetic.
5. Green and Pink. Fashion's new spring colors. Coming to every store near you.


Well it's been a while since I've updated. I went to Europe and back in one week. It was a marvelous trip but at least four weeks too short. Switzerland was snowy and Paris was magnificent. Let's see what else... I'm starting my senoir year with a new double major. That is a change for sure. I'm committing foolery tonight by chaperoning a highschool lock-in. I'm not sure if my four years' absence from highschool is enough to protect me! :) Should be interesting. Monday is Veritas and everyone must go!

Life... as it relates to candy?

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Paris was ... horriblement bon!


Almost there

The countdown has begun. Just three more days and I will be on a plane headed for the City of Lights!