So instead of sleeping, which I most certainly should be doing, I am sitting in the 24-hour computer lab in Atherton writing a post for my blog. Don't ask.

Professorship becomes real this week: I get to enjoy the duty of writing, administering, and then grading midterms. If I ever go into the whole professor thing full-time, remind me to marry someone who can do math. Until then I must continue to rely on my roomie to figure out my percentages. Bah. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Fall break passed with fond relish. (Wait does that make sense here? Relish? Yeah not the pickled kind.) Spent a glorious 24 hrs doing the family's most favored tradition: Eating a soup dinner at the Ogle Lake shelter in Brown County. Ahh it was wonderful to spend so much time doing so little with only the stars and fire to watch. Thanks, Mom and Dad for a great birthday weekend.

I'm getting through this week only by the anticipation of the coming weekend. CALIFORNIA! I'm so excited - I get to spend the whole weekend with Koons Family II and get baby Meredith all to myself - no competition. Oh Thursday can't come fast enough.

I thought late night studying was a thing of the past. Apparently not.