I wish I may...

My fulfilling need: To be intellectually stimulated. Grad school isn't quite cutting it in terms of identifying the theological reprecussions of ______. This is brought on by just reading random blogs and thinking to myself, "Jeez why can't I think and write like that."

My new crush: To learn how to snowboard. I watched women's half-pipe last night. AWESOME. I've always been a downhill girl myself, but if you could actually do those 900s that would be so sweet. Exhiliration.

My afterschool plans: To take a class in sketching or watercolors. And to skate again. Oh man, I'm so dying to skate again. It's been a long time for either activity. BTW, none of the pairs last night were terribly impressive.

My weekend regret: Matador. Complete waste of time and money. What I really wanted to see was Capote.

My daily struggle: To cross everything off my to-do list.

My frustrations today: Two of my students won't show up for class and midterm is in two weeks. I will not be held responsible for their respective failures.

My wish list: A plane ticket to somewhere.