Hello from PA

The lowdown of highlights thus far...

1. Conversations. New people, old people, truly fantastic people. So far only four days and so many incredible conversations. Can't wait for more!

2. Driving. Pittsburgh is CRAZY! And surprisingly, I haven't really officially gotten lost, just turned around. Twice. Mapquest, I love you.

3. Manual labor. Not really a highlight, but definitely noteworthy. My back hurts.

4. The girls. Sweet and precious, both of them. Looking forward to getting to know them better.

5. Hospitality. The end.


Personal Update

1. My already-slowing-down blog will slow even more for the next few weeks. I'm heading in the morning to Pittsburgh, PA to lead a missions trip. It will be an exciting time of meeting new people, sharing lives, and serving the church. You can add me to your prayer list. I have two high school girls on my team. I'm hopeful that this is a good time for them emotionally and spiritually and I want to be a blessing to them and the congregation.

2. I got a job doing some adjunct work this fall at Taylor University. I haven't signed any papers, so it's not set in stone... But it appears to be heading that way. I'm scared out of my wits! To whomever told me I should try being a college professor: I hold you responsible. Pray for my ability to prepare securely. I'm teaching a subject in which I got a B-. Dum-da-dum-dum...

3. June 20 was my thesis deadline. Oops, It's June 26 and oh well. They never should have told me I had five years to finish! My ultimate deadline is May 2008, but pray I get my focus back after returning from PA, the wedding, etc. I'd really like this all behind me.

That does it for now! I'll try to update as I have opportunity. Have a great July!


Starting to Understand

Those who say that teaching impacts students also say that students impact their teachers. I always thought that statement meant that students impact teachers in some emotional, teary-eyed manner. This is true, but for teachers, students' impact is two-dimensional. I've never understood until today how students can impact you as simply teacher.

I had to say goodbye to the student, who, through his natural talent and honest eight-year-old insight, has completely changed who I am as a teacher. Without him, my graduate thesis would mean nothing - in fact, it wouldn't have even been started because his musicality was the inspiration. I wish I could tell him "thank you" for giving me the opportunity to become a better teacher. I never knew that one student could open your own eyes to learning something new.


Meredith said to say "Hello"


More Books!

This afternoon in the library, I randomly picked up the June issue of Christianity Today. It was their "annual book issue" and listed the books which won the CT Book Award 2007. A few of them looked like interesting reads...

Christianity and Culture Award Winner:

Fiction Award Winner:

Theology/Ethics Award Winner:

Apologetics/Evangelism Runner-Up:

Has anyone read these or heard anything about them?